Discover SiD™ for ICSI:
AI sperm-selector assistant that improves your outcome

Patent pending.

SiD can judge human spermatozoa in suspension effortlessly and more accurately than the human eye

Real-time sperm selection based on morphology, speed and motility patterns

  • SiD Identifies, tracks and evaluates every sperm in the vision field, in real-time
  • SiD extracts sperm parameters related to outcome
  • Transforms qualitative sperm assessment into a quantitative assessment
  • And it will learn from each cycle you ask for assistance

From uninformed to informed decisions

Human vision is rarely beaten by computer vision. Until now! SiD does not have to judge a face, an anatomical form, or a scene from a picture. All SID needs to do is determine sperm characteristics in a PVP solution.

Peer reviewed
Poster presentations
at world events
Millions of parameters
used to rank embryos

How SiD works

AI designed to adapt and to learn from any condition.

QA & Fine Tuning: transparent performance and improved outcomes

Ready to learn more about the full benefits of SiD in your lab?

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