Meet ERICA™:
Embryo-Ranking Without Biopsy or Media Sampling

Patent pending.

Prioritize embryos based on euploidy training sets, not on outside influences harnessing the power of Machine Learning in your lab.

ERICA improves its performance as you read: that's what Deep Learning AI means, and that's what we want for you.

  • Ultra-fast and accurate
  • Improve efficiency and consistency in your lab
  • Trained to estimate ploidy potential of each embryo
  • Will work with your current equipment

Extraordinary Performance

ERICA is a powerfull tool created to assist skilled professionals who work to achieve extraordinary.

Peer reviewed
Poster presentations
at world events
Millions of parameters
used to rank embryos

How ERICA works

AI designed to adapt and to learn from any condition.

QA & Fine Tuning: transparent performance and improved outcomes

Ready to learn more about the full benefits of ERICA in your lab?

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