IVF 2.0: AI for you

Whether you are a patient or a specialist in reproductive medicine, we know you want the best outcome.


The knowledge gained through thousands of IVF cycles from around the world advising your team of embryologists as one voice, just for you.

  • Improved sperm selection for ICSI
  • Improved embryo selection
  • AI enhanced decisions
  • Improved outcomes
  • Non-Invasive
  • First AI to estimate genetic potential of embryos based on images (euploidy).

The best technology assisting your team of scientists to achieve the best outcome. Sounds clever? It’s IVF 2.0.


Increase efficiency, reduce workload and improve results.
  • No up-front costs
  • Use your current equipment
  • Adapts to your own protocols
  • Learns from your experience

IVF Groups

Improve performance, standardize practice and bring your teams into the new era of IVF.
  • The way forward to standardizing decisions
  • Improve the performance of your team at once, not one practitioner at a time, even while they sleep

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